About Us

Hi! I’m Jessica, founder and creator of The Little Tichel Lady!

As an Orthodox Jew, I started to cover my hair after getting married. I committed to covering my hair with tichels (Yiddish, for the beautiful headwraps you’ll find here), and my newly married self earnestly filled up my dresser drawers with an abundance of wraps I collected on my honeymoon in Israel. After just a couple of years though, everything I had purchased had seen better days. 

I embarked on a hunt for new pieces for everyday wear and fancier pieces for nights out and special occasions. I live in a robust community in Los Angeles, but soon found the hair covering options that we had available were limited. I was unable to find pieces that didn’t require too much effort and that weren’t the same look as everyone else.

I started to research the design options that were available— everything from the simplest wraps to the most intricate pre-made designs. I was eager to find what was out there. I sourced the best pieces from countries such as Turkey, Israel, and India. I developed my ideas on what I felt I needed and wanted all while keeping the items at an affordable price.

As I forged ahead, I soon found myself seeking to fulfill the needs of many other women as well. With my husband’s encouragement and with loving help from my family, The Little Tichel Lady was born.

When I first started my business, I assumed I would only be helping the women in my neighborhood; however, soon women from other cities and countries started to show interest in my humble business Facebook page as well. There, we developed an intercultural sisterhood of women from all over who felt passionate about covering their hair. I never would have thought my labor of love would grow vast enough to need a website, yet here I excitedly stand. 

Style, convenience, comfort and practicality are always on my mind in every aspect of my life, especially when it comes to covering my hair. I strive to source the best fabrics and ready-to-wear designer pieces to fulfill my needs and hopefully your needs as well. So welcome to The Little Tichel Lady! I hope you’ll love what we love, too!



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