About Us (old)

Hi! I’m Jessica, founder and creator of The Little Tichel Lady. Being an Orthodox Jew, we generally cover our hair after we get married. Because this was going to be the main way I chose to cover my hair, I made sure to buy a variety of options. Fast forward a couple of years and everything I had purchased had seen better days.


I started to research the types of options that were available. Everything from the simplest wraps to the most intricate premade designs, I had to know what was available. I sourced the best pieces from countries such as Turkey, Israel, India and more…

From there I started to form my ideas on what I thought I needed.


As I forged ahead to fulfill my head covering needs, I found myself beginning to seek to fulfill the needs of many others as well.

With my husband’s encouragement and help from my family, The Little Tichel Lady was born.


When I first started my business, it was to purely help the women in my community where I live, but then women from other cities and other countries started to show interest as well. I never in a million years thought I would make a website, yet here we are.


Convenience, style, comfort and practicality are always on my mind in every aspect of my life, especially when it comes to covering my hair. I strive to source the best fabrics and ready-to-wear designer pieces to fulfill my needs and hopefully your needs as well. I hope you’ll love what we love, too! 


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