Every aspect of life has essentials that are needed to make things easier and wrapping is no exception. Whether you want to achieve the perfect shape for your desired wrap style, help keep things on better, add more volume, etc...
These essentials will help you do it all, effortlessly and quietly :)
Need a recommendation for the shaper that would work best for you?
Please, don't hesitate to reach out via our chat button or email and we'll ask you a series of questions to help determine which would work best for your needs :)
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Bereton Volumizer Shaper High/Low-volumizer-The Little Tichel Lady
Bereton Volumizer Shaper High/Low
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    AIR Boubou Tivi Volumizer Shaper Low Volume-volumizer-The Little Tichel Lady
    AIR Boubou Tivi Volumizer Shaper Low Volume
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      Israeli Bobi, Bobo Band, MEDIUM-Volume Headband-The Little Tichel Lady
      Israeli Bobi, Bobo Band, MEDIUM
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        Small Standard #A Volumizer Shaper Mid-Height-volumizer-The Little Tichel Lady
        Small Standard #A Volumizer Shaper Mid-Height
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