How Can I Wrap Like a Pro?

How can I wrap like a pro? Is it something that comes naturally to some and not to others? If it doesn’t come naturally to you, does it mean that you shouldn’t try to get better at it?
The answer to these questions is, no! The truth is that practice really does make perfect in this regard and it’s not something you’re necessarily born with. It’s something that you learn as you practice, and gain techniques that work for you, your needs and wrapping style! Does it mean that once you’re an exceptional wrapper that you won’t have tichel tantrum’s? Not at all! Even the most experienced wrapping Queens have their days when what they envision their wrap looking like doesn’t pan out in reality.
So, how can you, improve your wrapping skills?
Videos: Where do I even begin to start with this? There are a TON of videos available online (including ours on mostly on Instagram, the website, and YouTube) made from people of all cultures and ethnicities and the style options are endless. I encourage you to search online and see what you can find!
Practice: When you find a video style you’re interested in, practice the techniques again and again. Even if you don’t get it right the first time, try until you do! You will get there! I encourage you to try styles that you may not necessarily wear out of the house just to acquire new skills and to use these skills on the styles that you are interested in.
In person help: Have you already tried practicing over and over again and you feel like you’re missing some skills? This is totally normal! Before I got married, I asked a friend who wrapped full-time if she could teach me a basic way of wrapping. It really helped to calm my nerves and make me feel more comfortable with the idea of hair wrapping/covering. I encourage you to get together with someone who is more comfortable with wrapping and asking for tips/tricks that would be helpful for you to know (given that you live within close proximity of another wrapping sister and Covid restrictions permit 🤞😑).
All in all, we live in an age where we have an infinite number of resources at our fingertips. You can learn to do anything from YouTube and the Internet, but just in case you ever have any questions, I’m just a click away 😊.
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  • purchased square scarf and am trying to figure out how to use it on a bald head due to chemotherapy

    Louetta Kalof
  • The best advice. Im technically challeged when it comes to wrapping. I thought I wasnt meant to wrap or use the hundreds of beautiful scarves Ive collected over the years. THEN, I purchased a Low shaper with a velvet band from Jessica, tried it this morning with a soft scarf and a piece of purple fabric left from a jacket I made yesterday, and I’m bowled over. Years of frustration because of slippage, bulking and very tired arms, I think I have it. Thank Jessica, thank you, thank you for your good advice and tutorials.

    Barbara Radzevicius

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