First blog post ever :)

You wouldn't believe it if I were to tell you that this was 4 years in the making. But, as I know very well, G-d's timing is perfect and immaculate and this is exactly what was meant to be.

If I've learned anything from my amazing clients over the last few years, it's that everyone has a different need and a different liking. These are the reasons why you'll see such a vast variety of pieces available on our site. We put in the extra hours to make sure that your needs and wants are covered. 

Head wrapping didn't always come easily to me and I still have my occasional tichel tantrum so if I can help even one person to make their life easier, this would have all been worth it.

I plan to write about what inspires me, how I choose which wrap styles to do, how to wear a printed headwrap with other prints in your outfit and more...

There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for you being here, so thank you, thank you, thank you!



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